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Halloween Candy: A Trick or Treat?

Northeast Pediatric Dentistry

Halloween is just around the corner and children everywhere are preparing their scary or cute costumes to parade around the neighborhood knocking on doors yelling “TRICK OR TREAT” to receive delicious candy treats. Most parents and dentists dread that candy portion of this pastime and fear for the health of our little ones teeth. At Northeast Pediatric Dentistry, we hope that Halloween is fun and enjoyed by all of our awesome patients and want to offer a few tips on things you can do to help keep your child’s teeth in great shape until the candy is gone:

1. Have them brush their teeth after eating candy
2. Keep candy out of sight to reduce temptation
3. Don’t buy candy too far in advance to limit pre-Halloween consumption
4. Participate in other Halloween pastimes such as carving jack-o’-lanterns, painting pumpkins, bobbing for apples, going to haunted houses, or just curling up on the couch with a bowl full of popcorn and watching some classic, scary movies.
5. And our personal favorite, bringing your candy to our candy BuyBack event

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