Dentistry is an important component of your child’s overall health. At Northeast Pediatric Dentistry, we promise to do everything in our power to make your child smile! We would like to offer several recommendations to help your child have a pleasant dental experience. Take a few moments to explore our dental care tips for new parents.

When Discussing the Dentist
We suggest that you only share positive messages about the appointment. Tell your child about a dental visit the night before the appointment.Please refer to the dentist, as Dr. Jackson, or “our friend.”Your child may ask questions about the visit. Here’s an idea of what to say:
Sample Dialogue:
Parent: “You know what?”

Child: “What?”

Parent: “Tomorrow, we’re going to take your smile to meet some new friends, Dr. Jackson and her helpers.”

Parent: “Dr. Jackson is a dentist. She has some really cool tools, and she’ll give your smile a bath – an even better one that we give it with your toothbrush.”

Child: “OH!”

Parent: “You’re a big kid now, and I’m really excited for you to meet Dr. Jackson. We’re going to have so much fun!!!”

Our office has video games, television monitors, etc showing current children’s movies. The entire staff at Northeast Pediatric Dentistry is fun loving and friendly. Most of all, we love children! Please do not feel upset if your child, especially if he is a young child, gets anxious or cries. Children can be scared by anything new or different. Explain that Dr. Jackson will count your child’s teeth and peek inside his mouth. Tell your child that Dr. Jackson and her friends will explain everything they’re going to look at before they do anything, so there’s no cause to be nervous. It’ll be fun! Our team offers warmth and compassion to all the children in our care. By working with you, we can eliminate your child’s anxiety. We truly believe you will feel comfortable and pleased with your child’s visits to our office.

What Not to Say
Avoid the words needle, shot, drill, pull, hurt, pain, or any other words that might have an unpleasant meaning. Our office has carefully chosen the words we use when serving young children.

Appointments early in the day create the most successful situations for young patients. Children are usually more relaxed, and our staff can devote additional time and attention to your child. However, we will always work with you to try to accommodate your schedule. Request an Appointment

The following parent education brochures address the most customary topics in pediatric oral health. Many describe pediatric dental services and procedures available to you and your child. The information provided should serve as a resource and not as a standard of medical care with regards to your child’s oral health care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry does not provide clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Patients and their families should consult their local pediatric dentist concerning specific treatment questions and options. AAPD also does not provide dental referrals, make recommendations concerning the quality of services of any specific dentist, nor intervene or mediate in communications between patients and their individual dentist.

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