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Getting Your Children to Eat a Healthy Lunch: Tips From Northeast Pediatric Dentistry

Northeast Pediatric Dentistry

Monday is here and it’s time to start to thinking about the work week. With that comes meal planning and prep. Your children’s teeth are constantly on the mind of a pediatric dentist and while it’s important to reach for healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables for overall body health, it’s just as important for dental health.

With great resources like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Pinterest and social media, it’s fairly easy to find meal prep ideas. What may not be so easy is getting your children to eat the healthy meals that you have prepared.

Here are 5 favorite tips from the staff at Northeast Pediatric Dentistry to get your children to eat a healthy lunch:

  • Involve them with menu planning, shopping and preparing meals. Children who feel they have had a part in preparing their lunches will be more likely to eat them.
  • Let them pick out five or six lunch items they really like and build on those.
  • Reward adventurous eating.
  • Cut foods in different ways to change up the routine (i.e. carrot sticks one day and carrot coins another).
  • Rely less on processed, packaged foods and replace them with fresh foods whenever possible. In time, your children will start making healthy choices on their own.

    For children who have trouble with healthy eating habits, talk to your dentist about a healthy options and tips.

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