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Northeast Pediatric Dentistry Wants Your Candy!

Dr. Brandi Jackson and the staff of Northeast Pediatric Dentistry are proud to announce that we are continuing our tradition of allowing children to sell their Halloween candy. Cash for your kids, Treats for our troops.

It’s common practice that each Halloween our pediatric patients bite off more candy than they can chew. In hopes of saving your little ones from tooth problems in the months following Halloween and to help put a smile on our troop’s faces, Northeast Pediatric Dentistry is teaming up with dentists nationwide to help out with OPERATION GRATITUDE to “buy back” candy from children in their communities to be sent to deployed U.S Military troops.

How does the program work?

  • November 2nd between the hours of 11 am – 7 pm and November 3rd between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm children can bring their candy to Northeast Pediatric Dentistry (11223 DaVinci Drive Davidson, NC 28036)
  • We will give all children $1 per pound of candy and a goody bag. For existing patients we will give $1 per pound of candy and extra points on their rewards card! All payouts up to 5lbs.
  • Kids will be able to write a letter or draw a picture to a deployed soldier to be included in a care package.
  • Northeast Pediatric Dentistry will send the candy to Operation Gratitude.
  • Operation Gratitude sends the candy to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way!

Every kid loves Halloween! So do Adults! This is a SWEET way to make everyone smile!

Northeast Pediatric Dentistry
11223 DaVinci Drive
Davidson, NC 28036
(704) 895-6445

According to www.halloweencandybuyback.com, more than 130 tons of candy have been collected nationwide since the program started in 2005. We’re proud to be a part of this program.


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