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Northeast Pediatric Dentistry’s Tips For Preventing Childhood Cavities


New parents have enough to figure out in the early days of childcare. One aspect that new parents have particular difficulty figuring out is dental care for your children and how to prevent childhood cavities. Luckily, if you start caring for your child’s teeth early, childhood cavities are preventable. Here are 5 quick tips from Northeast Pediatric Dentistry on how to make sure your children grow up with healthy teeth and you’re armed with ways to prevent cavities.

1. If your child does use a pacifier, avoid dipping it in honey or sugar.
2. Keep sugary drinks out of your child’s bottle.
3. Aim to wean your child off the bottle around the age of 12 months.
4. Limit the amount of fruit juice to about 6 ounces per day.
5. As soon as the first teeth come in, it’s time to start brushing and flossing.

The best ways to ensure that your child grows up with a healthy smile is to instill great oral care habits and a healthy diet at an early age. Also, regular visits to the dentist starting right around your child’s first birthday set the tone for a lifetime of tooth-friendly habits.

To learn more about Northeast Pediatric dentists and the services we offer, please contact us here or call us at 704-895-6445. We are the Premier Pediatric Dental Practice in Davidson, Charlotte, and Surrounding Areas and we look forward to helping you prevent cavities and giving your little one a beautiful smile!


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