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Meet NOAH!

MEET NOAH!!! We absolutely adore seeing him and his bright smile in the office! Congrats on being our Patient of the Week! See you again in 6 months!  


WE WANT YOUR CANDY!! (BUT, DON’T WORRY! IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!) Wondering what you’re going to do with all that Halloween candy? Northeast Pediatric Dentistry is teaming up with dentists nationwide to help out with Operation Gratitude to “buy back” candy from children in their communities to be sent to deployed U.S. Military troops. Avoid the cavities and give a sweet treat to our soldiers serving overseas!
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Overcoming the Nightly Routine – Getting Your Child to Brush

Overcoming the Nightly Routine – Getting Your Child to Brush The nightly routine can sometimes be the biggest challenge for many parents to overcome, especially if your child is below the age of 5 years old. Coincidently, many parents have been asking us “what are the best ways to encourage their children to brush on their own and to brush more effectively.”  Well below
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Keeping It Cool During the Summer Months

WHOA BUDDY!! It’s hot outside and many of our patients have been asking, what’s the best and healthiest ways to stay cool during the summer months.  Well, below are a few suggestions: Playing outdoors is a lot of fun; especially when it involves a pool or beach, but try to maximize outdoor activities to either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 
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Mouth Guards

Many parents and patients have asked about the benefits of wearing a mouth guard and how many different kinds were available.  Mouth guards are worn in the mouth to protect the teeth from injury due to sports and/or grinding. It is helping to know that there are three types of mouth guards available for you to use: Stock mouth guards – These are the
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Maximizing Your Dental Benefits at the End of the Year

  Maximizing Your Dental Benefits at the End of the Year This year is quickly coming to a close…NOW is the time to review any remaining benefits available on your dental insurance plan for 2011. Most insurance plans have an annual maximum benefit available. If you do not use this maximum amount, the remaining balance is lost at the end of the year. It
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SUGAR BUGS….have you ever told your little one that they will get ‘sugar bugs’ if they do not brush their teeth? Well, I have used this analogy with many patients (especially preschoolers) to place dental cavities in a context to which they can easily relate. Did you know that many ancient cultures believed tooth decay was caused by a ‘tooth worm?’ Dating back to
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Are baby teeth important?

The Importance of Baby Teeth (primary teeth) Yes, baby teeth are very important! This is a question that parents ask all the time and it is a very good question!  It is very important that baby teeth are kept in place until they are lost naturally. Baby teeth serve a number of important functions that include: Maintaining good nutrition by permitting your child to chew
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